Alya Mian

Alya Mian is an integrative psychotherapist, psychologist, and facilitator. Her practice of about fifteen years incorporates humanistic, behaviourist and psychodynamic paradigms.

She is a certified practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, in Mind Body Integration Techniques, and is currently practicing to certify as a Sand Play practioner. This work focusses particularly on Junginan paradigms and deeper spiritual and psychic aspects.

Alya is also part of a team initiating establishment of Balint reflective groups for practioners from varying fields of healing. These reflective groups are for establishing mutual support, understand the deeper significance of client practitioner dynamics and relationships, and to prevent burnout among healers.

Her area of work includes individual and couples therapy, group facilitation, workshops and clinical supervision. She incorporates spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, body work, and art. Her holistic approach combines spirituality, rationality and relatedness to heal and prosper.

Alya facilitates student groups training to become therapists, as well as training therapists to become clinical supervisors. She also provides clinical supervision for therapists - individually and in groups.

Her work is enriched by more than 20 years of experience in corporate and development sectors, including entrepreneurship, training, qualitative research and behavior change communication for health.

Moreover, the greatest teacher, she believes, is nature and life itself. That learning never ceases. Each. Moment offers opportunities for learning and wisdom.

She has a private practice in Karachi, Pakistan.