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Centre For Personal & Professional Development

CPPD, established in 1998, is one of the UK’s leading Humanistic Integrative Counselling training schools. CPPD made its presence in Pakistan in 2014, becoming the first international institute in Pakistan to offer counselling training programs. In January 2019, CPPD UK franchised its name and the school to Samia Chundrigar and Muzaffar Bukhari.

A key part of the CPPD philosophy is to respect and respond to each student as an individual, valuing the experiences and needs of each student, while also being responsive to the learning group as a whole.

The CPPD commitment to creating an inclusive community of learners is central to our identity and training philosophy, which aims to:

  •  Create an inclusive community of learners rather than a place of instruction
  •  Recognise and honour trainees’ existing life experiences and skills
  •  Provide a non-discriminatory environment, valuing commonalities and differences
  •  Reflect the belief that people who work together are stronger, more effective and more resourceful
  •  Contribute to the dialogue between traditional and innovative approaches to psychological health
  •  Attachment Theory
  •  Bereavement and loss
  •  Counselling Practice
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What does Tribus stand for?

In Pakistan, mental disorders account for more than 4% of the total disease burden. It is estimated that 24 million people in Pakistan are in need of psychological assistance. In comparison to this overwhelming need, we see an enormous gap in the availability of experienced and well-trained counsellors.

Tribus was formed for the purpose of lessening this gap and providing internationally accredited trainings and certifications in order to produce qualified counselors to address the growing mental health needs of our society, as well as providing a wider array of mental health tools to the people of Pakistan.

Tribus also aims to work with the corporate sector to spread mental health awareness and the importance of overall wellbeing of employees for company productivity and a wholesome corporate culture. Research has time and again shown that happy employees tend to work more productively and creatively. Amongst the services offered, Tribus, will be offering corporate wellbeing retreats and workshops on using communication tools effectively using different techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programing and the Language of Awarness amongst many others.

Tribus, meaning Tribe, was built on the notion that the human connection is the powerful force that exists. By nature, we are tribal, having an innate need to belong to something bigger than ourselves – to have the comfort of our people - to share a bond that provides us with security, support, and also room to grow and heal. It seemed only fitting that the company was named Tribus, given the strong sense of community wellbeing shared between the two partners and their aim to build a more aware and emotionally healthy environment all around.